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Data Center Capacity Improvement Project

I am taking a moment to thank Advanced Voice and Data for the fine work your firm has been doing...They have met every deadline, supported every change, and they have provided a high quality finished product of which we all can be proud...

- Chief Information Officer

AMC Department, Emeryville California

...For the first time since this department has been created, out of all the branches nationwide, we have been rated number one. Of course, I am proud to be contributing part of that along with my staff, but it would not have been possible without the assistance of AVD...I tend to be what you would call a "high" maintenance customer, constantly calling...making sure that things are as planned. The jobs that the AMC Department does are often more difficult than a new install... (They demonstrated) willingness to complete the job...pride in making it right and...constantly being there, in an industry notorious for "flaky" behavior.

- AMC Manager

IKON Office Solutions, Hayward California

..(AVD) showed great professionalism during the entire job, which wasn't easy considering all the last minute revisions. I don't think the project would have been completed in such a short time period, if it wasn't for their leadership and dedication. They gave us 110% with a smile...There were some obstacles that confronted IKON and AVD at times, but overall we came to an agreeable conclusion and a great looking system...

- IKON Representative

Subject: AVD Field Presence at HMMB

I am writing today to commend your company's recent performance at the Hearst Memorial Mining Building (HMMB) on the UC Berkeley Campus, particularly the professionalism, dedication and workmanship...Project deadlines and incomplete infrastructure necessitated a fluid, proactive approach to AVD's scope of work...Their can-do attitude was truly appreciated, and with their informed communication we were able to successfully complete the project...the work in the field was exceptional... (At) nearly 140,000 square feet, the Hearst building is a large and complicated undertaking. Yet, each of the eight data closets is crisp and orderly, with thousands of cables combed and deliberately placed - perfect down to the label...

-Owner's On-site Team, HMMB

BabyCenter.com office move, San Francisco, California

I wanted to follow up with you regarding the service we received from AVD over the course of the BabyCenter.com move...this project requires a tremendous amount of flexibility both in terms of hours and service...showed a tremendous amount of tenacity and dedication to the project...We felt throughout that we were in capable hands with AVD. We will confidently look to AVD for service and bids in the future. Thank you for sending us such a talented team!...

-General Manager, the Terry Group

Sacramento Court House Project

The purpose of this letter is to provide high praise for one of your workers...from the very beginning (he) showed his leadership by his work ethic, his drive and dedication to meeting the schedule imposed by Siemens' and the project...He is innovative, dedicated, and hard-working.

-Senior Project Manager, Siemens Building Technologies

Charles Schwab Project

I appreciate the effort that your onsite technician on site put out, last Friday on our Charles Schwab project. I wanted to commend him on his ability to work long hours without having any negative emotions...I was really impressed with his willingness to understand the overall scope of the project...I look forward to working with him on our San Jose Project...

-Senior Technician, Siemens Building Technologies

San Jose State Campus Village Housing Project

Over the past 2 years I have worked closely with (AVD) to coordinate the installation of over 700 electrified locksets and numerous cameras located on our 950.000 square foot project. On several occasions (AVD) discovered security rough-in work that the electrical contractor performed incorrectly...(this) saved contractors money, and helped Clark Construction maintain a very tight schedule.

- Clark Construction Group Project Manager